The ghosts we keep

Deaver, Mason

The ghosts we keep

Abstract: When Liam Cooper's older brother Ethan is killed in a hit-and-run, Liam has to not only learn to face the world without one of the people he loved the most, but also face the fading relationship with his two best friends. Feeling more alone and isolated than ever, Liam finds themself sharing time with Marcus, Ethan's best friend, and through Marcus, Liam finds the one person that seems to know exactly what they're going through, for the better, and the worse. This book is about grief. But it's also about why we live. Why we have to keep moving on, and why we should. source:

Titel / Verantwortliche: The ghosts we keep / Mason Deaver

Veröffentlichung: Scholastic Press, 2022

Physische Beschreibung: 317 pages

ISBN: 9781338819601


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  • Datum: 2022
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Chicago:Deaver, Mason, . (2022). The ghosts we keep Scholastic Press.

Harvard:Deaver, M..(2022). The ghosts we keep Scholastic Press.

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